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Where are All the Plus Size Jewelers? - Ft. Mabel & Main | My Trio Rings

It’s truly sad that in 2021, most jewelers still haven’t done much for plus size brides. We’ve definitely made strides in the fashion and retail industry to have more inclusivity, but as most would agree, there’s still much more to be done and many sub industries that have avoided the topic of how to serve plus size in a genuine manner.

What Brides are Saying...

Many @thechunkybride fans shared their shopping experiences when it came to bridal jewelry and surprisingly, they couldn’t even get sized earlier in the shopping process!

Meet Bride Maranda (@_randie), Who Says...

It was also discovered that if a retailer (online or in store) is willing to serve a larger ring size, the only option available is to get it “customized”. While this is fantastic for brides seeking a unique look or style that’s their own, it means waiting weeks for the final rings, having limited options if the style doesn’t look right, and in many cases a ring that looks like the size was “stretched” rather than embraced.

Guess what we’ve found...

A new jeweler we’re spotlighting today that is ahead of the curve, is Mabel & Main. The team behind the brand had previously served thousands of plus size couples at My Trio Rings, before bringing their feedback and style preferences to shine on at Mable & Main. Similar to @thechunkybride’s fans, many couples they worked with couldn’t get sized to even know what they were working with, and that led to their creation of the first plus size wedding ring sizer, which you can request be delivered to your home for free!

About M&M Rings

But to really stand up for underrepresented plus size brides, the team created a collection that embraced larger sizes and didn’t just accommodate them like most jewelers do by adding gold to the bottom of a ring’s sizing area when “customizing” it. In addition to adding diamonds and gold weight to the rings to embolden the inspired look, the team also had tapers added to the back of the rings for comfort. To uphold the highest quality, styles were designed to embrace GIA certified solitaires and come with nickel free gold alloys to reduce irritation that nickel can cause for many with sensitive skin.

We really wanted to present a collection that represented timeless styles our brides were seeking but couldn’t find in their size. Other jewelers wouldn’t invest in this, but we set out to design them in a size 12 base, which helped answer questions about the styles’ contours and how the design should be adjusted on a style-by-style basis. - Ally Davis – Head of Merchandising, Mabel & Main

Exciting news...

The first plus size bridal collection is now live and we’re also excited to announce that The Chunky Bride will be releasing a style of our own on Mabel & Main this holiday season!

“At the core of being a plus size bride, you want to feel like you have the same options available to any and all kinds of brides. Ideally, all plus size brides should be able to walk into a store and try on gowns, accessories, rings, and all. We are excited to collab with Mabel & Main and you our, TCB community, to design a ring that embodies the beauty, sexiness, and boldness of a Chunky Bride. Bottom line, choosing a beautiful ring for your beautiful hand should be the last of your worries!” - Tammy @ The Chunky Bride


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