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TCB Feature Bride | Glowy Goddess | Meet Bride @dimmmplez

One of our favorite brides to date, this beautiful Florida bride stole the show with her gorgeous gown and her fabulous bridal style.

Bride's thoughts about her gown:

"My favorite thing were the details and bling!!!"

Where to Shop: The brides gorgeous gown is from Stephen Yearick.

Best Suited for Which Body Type?: This gown design is perfect for any shape/any bride, due to its princess skirt, and especially pretty for all of us brides who like a little bit or a lotta bit of bling and love details.

Advice for other Chunky Brides: We asked what advice would she share with another plus-size bride and she said:

"Keep looking for the gown of your dreams until you find it. Being a little thicker should not hold you back. Looking like a queen on your special day is more than possible."


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