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5 Things Every Plus Size Bride Must Do To Have an Amazing Wedding Day

Immediately after saying ‘yes’ to the ring, you are instantly overwhelmed by the hundred-trillion little details you need to keep together to make your day run smoothly. If you are anything like me, with or without a wedding planner, you want to control every single thing as well. As a plus size bride, I felt there were a few pieces of advice that only a plus size girl or someone familiar could offer me. First, I’d like you to remember that however you show up at your wedding, you will look incredible. Here are a few nuggets of information you can use to take your wedding day from a rating 10 to 1000.

1. Wear what makes you feel sexy

Whether you wear a princess, a-line, or mermaid gown, make sure you feel like a bombshell in that dress. Think about the days where you think “I look so pretty today”, and compare it to those days where you feel like the main character in a sultry, boudoir film. Yeah, find a dress that makes you feel that good! With that level of confidence and the deep love you have for your partner, no one or any thing can change your mind otherwise.

2. Find the right undergarments

I don’t care if you are the slimmest or the thickest, the right undergarments mould your dress from straight off the rack to custom tailored for your body. There are 3 items you’ll need to focus on: a supportive bra, control panty/girdle/corset, and body tape (depending on the cut of the gown.) However, I must emphasize getting your correct size in these items, so that it makes you look smooth and comfortable! Remember you may be wearing this for 8+ hours. I’ll save more on that topic talk for another day.

3. Designate special roles for each of your bridesmaids

I imagine that you and your bridesmaids have been spending a lot of time together during the wedding planning and you can anticipate spending more than half of your wedding day getting beautiful and sipping mimosas with them, too. Your bridesmaids are obviously very special and close to you, but on the day of your wedding, you will get even more intimate than you ever were before. Trust me, after suiting up in your undergarments and stepping into your cinched, fluffy wedding gown, you are eventually going to need to use the bathroom! Then, worst enough you’ll start sweating (hopefully your eyebrows are still intact). Your girls are going to need to get all up in your lady parts to make sure they help you get out and back into your wedding armour, pat you dry, and spin you back into the ballroom in a jiffy.

4. Request a large or bold bouquet from your florist

This may be controversial in the body positivity realm, but yes you look great as you are and that is always true, but sometimes we just can’t silence the little insecurities about ourselves. It’s okay! One trick that helps bring the eye to the center but away from the mid side, is a big, beautiful bouquet. If not a large bouquet, which can tend to be costly, you can consider bright or bold colors in your bouquet as well. Whichever way you have arranged your flowers, use it as a tool of serenity but not as a safety shield. Again, you’re gorgeous regardless but do what makes you feel at ease.

5. Dance like no one is looking

This is super important, especially if you are feeling a little self conscious as all eyes are on you more than any time in your life. You only get one amazing wedding in a lifetime (yes, I said only one), don’t waste the day worrying about other people's thoughts or pretend thoughts we put into our own heads. Lock eyes with the person you are marrying and, at times, with yourself in the mirror, and that’s about all that really matters on this amazing day!

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