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5 Plus Size Wedding Gowns for Modern, Non-Traditional Brides

As a new bride, the first decision you'd need to narrow down is what is your personal bridal style. Choosing your bridal style is almost, if not, as big as choosing your first child's name because like your birth certificate, your wedding photos are documented, historical proof of your decision. Whether you have decided on a princess, mermaid, or whatever cut, ultimately, you want a gown that is classic, transcends decades, but most importantly a gown that makes you feel like You! Here are a few plus size wedding dresses and designers that I believe tie together a time-honored look with an individual ounce of flair.

Style D3274

This gorgeous gown provides a beautiful pairing of sweet and sexy, with the layered skirt and mesh throughout the waist and sleeves.

Styling Tip: Buy a comfortable and supportive strapless bra, which will provide lift, roundness, and comfort throught your wedding day.

Also, if you choose to wear an undergarment for smoothing your torso, find one that matches your skin tone to enhance the mesh, nude tones in the bodice or request the bridal shop to build a mesh panel into the dress that matches your skin tone.

Curvy Moon Melody Collection

This pretty gown is lacy, chic, and sassy to the max with its off the shoulder straps, form-hugging trumpet fit.

Style Tip: Creating curls or a swirly kind of pattern in your bridal hairstyle, whether its flowy tendrils or in an updo, the softness will play up the romance vibes of this gown.

Love Collection

Style #14693AXS

Pretty, A-Line wedding dress with a plunging neckline and ... SPARKLES! This gown provides simplicity with a special feel. Can you imagine how beautiful this gown would be in the evenin

Style Tip: Finding the right strapless bra with a plunging neckline is key to pull off this style. If not a bra, you might consider using tape to hold the "girls" up and in place.

Taylor Lynette Gown

Is it just me or does this gown give Superwoman-Cinderella tease? This gorgeous beaded, ball gown skirt is perfect for any no-fuss bride looking for style and ease.

Style Tip: Ask your makeup artist to make your eyes pop or a bold lip or anything, just to bring focus on your center. The V-neckline will automatically draw everyone's glance from your eyes to your cleavage, so why not take advantage.

Spring 2019 collection

Cinched, beaded, and sitting pretty. Loving the spaghetti straps, beaded structure and soft skirt.

Style Tip: Ths gown will clearly cinch you in the waist, but wearing a structured undergarment will surely give you additional control of the shape you want to give... Bawdy!


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